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The Children’s Science Center Lab is an interactive exploration center where children, families, and school groups can learn about and experience fun science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) principles. Designed and fabricated by children’s museum and science center experts, the Lab includes both traditional interactive exhibits and dynamic platforms for learning with activities that change frequently.

The Lab experience focuses on children ages 2 and up via collaborative learning within a family or a school group. The facility is especially focused on preschool and elementary aged visitors, but also great fun for a playful, inquisitive, hands-on oriented tween, or teen.

Experiment Bar


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Hop up on a stool at the Experiment Bar and order from a rotating menu of experiments that demonstrate the wonders of science through the fundamentals of biology, chemistry, physics and beyond. Experiment with your favorite guardian, or friend or with a group as you test and observe the results of cool science in action.

Inspiration Hub


Discover fun, hands-on, interactive exhibits that convey real-world applications of STEM: Power the City, Catching the Wind, Chain Reaction, Gear Table, and Air Rockets. Participate in the design of the future Children’s Science Center in our Museum Prototyping Zone by providing your ideas and feedback on our plans. Learn about programming our Robotic Arm Armstrong with three different programming challenges.

Our Robotic Arm

Inside the Inspiration Hub, take the chance to learn programming with our Robotic Arm Armstrong.  With three different programming challenges, you’ll be sure to see the pattern of programming. Armstrong offers you three different tasks to program:

~ The marble run

~ The emoji story

~ Play a musical tune

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Tinker Shop2


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Create, build, test, deconstruct and then do it all again! This workshop-like space provides open-ended engineering design challenges. Rotating activities will include building structures; creating crafts to test in the vertical wind-tube; making art, music and more with circuits and robotics; and dissecting machines and toys. Design individually or with a group as you tackle these fun challenges.


Discovery Zone


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Spark your budding scientist and engineer in this special zone designed for children aged five and under. With a special focus on collaborative learning with parents, caregivers and educators, the exhibits and activities include: Light & Shadow Play, Imagination Playground, Pixel Pegs and early hands-on science Discovery Boxes.


Come check out our Lined Seahorses and Volitans Lionfish right past the Experiment Bar and if you’re lucky enough you may see one of our STEMtenders feeding our different Aquatic Life, such as our Seahorse Feedings.



Or for our younger scientist the Symbiotic Seas tank in the Discovery Zone where you can find a Clown Fish with its Sea Anemone, Cardinal Fish with Sea Urchins, or our elusive Blue Tang and Royal Gramma Fish.