This Month @ the Lab


Summer is in full swing and we have so many wonderful things planned! Be sure and read our newsletter for the latest updates and happenings.

Become a Citizen Scientist this summer! We’ve partnered with the Ornithology Lab at Cornell University and the Audubon Society of Northern Virginia to engage you in a summer of flight! Observe birds in your area for at least three days for 10 minutes and report your data. Get involved and support their project.  Learn more!


Print out a schedule and keep handy so you don’t miss any of these fun opportunities!

What’s up at the Experiment Bar? 

Splitting Water is here! Using a batteries and screws learn what and how electrolysis works and how it can affect water!


Tinker Shop! 

Check out the calendar of events for all upcoming activities, workshops, and special events!  Every month, the Children’s Science Center Lab offers a new experiment on the menu at the Experiment Bar and a new challenge in the Tinker Shop!

 Kids Night Out: Mystery at the Lab!

Join us for a Kids Night Out –  “Mystery at the Lab!” on August 18th.  Kids will work on a forensics team to solve the evening’s whodunnit! 

Activities include:

  • Glitter Grabber
  • Fingerprint Analysis
  • Exploring pH levels

Pizza, fruit, drinks, and dessert will be served in the Garage while enjoying science movies.


Preschool Programs:

The Discovery Zone is open to children aged 5 and under! This is the perfect place for exploring, building, perfecting fine motor skills, and making new friends! Imagination runs wild here and there’s plenty of ways to engage with your child.


Budding Bookworms

Story time is now @ the Lab! Bring your preschooler to listen and enjoy an engaging story you both can talk about all day long together! Meet your friends and make new ones at this program included with the same day General Admission ticket. This program is offered at 11 am, facilitated by a STEM Educator, followed by an activity.

The theme for August is the Desert!


Budding Scientist Program

27391590842_6fdc6b2053_zThis is a program specifically designed for the visitors 2-5 years old and their engaged adult! This program is offered at 11 am, facilitated by a STEM Educator, followed by an activity.

The theme for August is the Desert! Come explore all every Friday at 11 am.





Make sure you check out the Calendar of Events for extended hours, special programs and events, workshops, camps and more!