Special Programs & Events

Kids Night Out:  Neon Night!

Saturday, June 16

6:30 – 8:30 PM

The Lab will be closed to the general public to allow our young guests to experience a night of STEM Neon fun! Register your child (grades K-6) for a night of collaboration, Chemistry, and Lab exploration!
Guests will:
  • Combine chemistry and cooking while making Glow Noodles. This edible science activity allows kids to experiment with B12 to make glowing, edible noodles
  • Create fantastic glow in the dark slime to take home
  • Formulate and test various luminescent materials to create Glow- in-the-Dark paint
Our experienced team of STEM Educators will be there to lead and explore with your child as they rotate through each gallery and hands-on activity. Dinner of pizza, fruit, drinks and dessert will be served in the Garage.


Bird Walk at Loudoun Water

The Children’s Science Center is excited to offer our first ever bird walk!  During this walk, you will learn about both native and non-native birds as you walk the paths of the restored wetlands behind Loudoun Water’s Ashburn facility, guided by local bird watching experts from the Audubon Society of Northern Virginia. The walk itself will last about 45 minutes and will follow paved and gravel paths in the restored wetlands area.

Feel free to bring a folding chair with you as there will be at least one designated stop where you will have a chance to start our Citizen Science Project, Celebrate Urban Birds, courtesy of our partner Cornell University’s Department of Ornithology.  The paths are accessible to everyone, however, wheelchairs and strollers may have a tougher passage on some of the gravel portions of the path.

Date: Sunday, July 22


Tour at Loudoun Water

The Aquiary is a destination for Loudoun area students, teachers, and parents to learn about wetlands, water conservation and water treatment in Loudoun County. Loudoun Water staff are always excited to share our passion for water in the community, which is why we offer guided tours of exhibits in our administrative offices in Ashburn. We cover the entire “story” of water; from source to treatment, to use, to reclamation, and back to a source.  We do focus on water reclamation as this is what we do at the Broad Run Water Reclamation Facility, in Ashburn. We do not bring groups into the actual reclamation treatment facility.

Date: Sunday, July 22


Latina SciGirls

Latina SciGirls is an 8-week series of STEM-focused classes offered specifically for Latina girls in grades 3-6 in partnership with PBS SciGirls.

Contact us at latinascigirls@childsci.org for more information or future sessions.


Latina SciGirls es una serie interactiva de 8 semanas de clases enfocadas de Ciencias, Tecnología, Ingeniería y Matemáticas (STEM) específicamente para niñas latinas en los grados de 3-6 en asociación con PBS SciGirl.
No fee is incurred by participants. 

Los participantes no pagan.

Our distinguished mentors serving the Latina SciGirls program include:

Nuestros mentores distinguidos que sirven el programa Latina SciGirls incluyen:

Margaret Dominguez
Optical Engineer, NASA Goddard
Ingeniera óptica, NASA Goddard


Alicia Santiago
Developmental Neurobiologist and Latino Outreach Specialist, Twin Cities Public Television
desarrollo neurobiólogo y Alcance Latino Especialista, Twin Cities Public Television