Our camp program is truly one-of-a-kind!

Our campers will embrace science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to build the skills that will serve as their tool set for the future. In our camps, we work together to ignite curiosity and get excited about STEM in our everyday lives.

With fun themes, new curriculum each summer and sessions for different grade levels, there is something for everyone. Give your child a camp experience that will unlock their potential.


“The camp staff were awesome and the kids looked forward to exploring different parts of the museum every day. Camp exceeded our expectations and I will recommend it to others!” — Parent of camper, Summer 2016


Winter Break Camps!


Monday, December 18: Got Chemistry?

9am – 3pm


Designed for children in grades 1-4
Colors change, secret messages disappear, and chemical reactions bubble up in this experiment packed chemistry camp! Got Chemistry? allows children to:
  • Experience mysterious chemical reactions that turn copper pennies into “gold and silver”.
  • Work to create the best slime recipe in the camp in our own “Slime Factory”.
  • Learn how to measure pH with foods and make rainbows with pH indicators.
  • Make and take home their own camp lab notebook, pH paper, slime, and alloy plated pennies.

Tuesday, December 19: Got Electricity?

9am – 3pm
Designed for children in grades 1-4
If you’re curious about electronics and ever thought that all circuits look alike, this camp is a great opportunity for you! Got Electricity? allows children to:
  • Explore the basics of electricity with different projects like making their own robot to take home.
  • Explore sewing circuits and paper circuits.
  • Understand the fundamentals of circuits and electricity by creating simple circuits out of various materials such as small motors, batteries, lights and copper wire.
  • Discover new ways to innovate and create their own circuitry! Take home a circuit collection to continue the learning at home.

Wednesday, December 20: Escape Room, Lab Edition!

9am – 3pm
Designed for children in grades 1-4
Campers will work together to solve challenges all over the Lab while using science to “escape”. Explore the basics of chemistry and engineering in a positive environment, all the while enjoying a fantastic adventure! During Escape Room, Lab Edition, children will:
  • Solve logic puzzles, working as a team. Learn to collaborate and move the group toward a common goal.
  • Work with changing states of matter and make circuits.
  • Exercise resourcefulness by crafting their own tools to solve problems.
  • Use teamwork to conquer obstacles too big for just one person!

Thursday, December 21: The Sounds of Science!

9am – 3pm
Designed for children in grades 1-4
Ever wondered how a metal rod makes a *clang* or how a car goes *vroom*? Ever wanted to make an instrument out of things you can find around the house? The Sounds of Science Camp can answer all these questions and more!
During The Sounds of Science!, children will:
  • Hear, see, and feel sound waves through solids, liquids, and non-Newtonian fluids.
  • Find out what creates sound and different pitches.
  • Build an electronic instrument to take home!

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