Our camp program is truly one-of-a-kind!

Our campers will embrace science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to build the skills that will serve as their tool set for the future. In our camps, we work together to ignite curiosity and get excited about STEM in our everyday lives.

With fun themes, new curriculum each summer and sessions for different grade levels, there is something for everyone. Give your child a camp experience that will unlock their potential.

“The camp staff were awesome and the kids looked forward to exploring different parts of the museum every day. Camp exceeded our expectations and I will recommend it to others!” — Parent of camper, Summer 2016


Summer Camp!

Fun and learning all summer!

THREE FUN THEMES. With the museum’s unique Dream It, Build It!: Nature Center Camp, children learn principles of building design and engineering and apply their ingenuity to design a dream indoor/outdoor nature learning space for Northern Virginia. Two additional camp themes are inspired by real inventors: The Launch Zone and Creativity In Motion, which are presented in partnership with Invent Now, a not-for-profit organization which operates the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Collegiate Inventors Competition.

Creativity in Motion

Work as “design interns” for the world’s newest and largest imaginary amusement park, Imagination Point. Design and utilize your imagination to design prototypes of roller coasters and amusement rides. Use real tools to take apart electronics and uncover mechanical gears and guts while using STEM, creative problem solving, and hands-on applications to further your 21st-century critical thinking skills. Work as a team to create marketing to sell your invention to your peers. This camp taps into the creative spirit and curiosity in every child.

June 26 – 30, Grades 1-3

July 17 – 21 , Grades 3-6

August 7 – 11 , Grades 1-3


The Launch Zone

Build a space rocket while exploring rocket science. Protect your team’s Space Lab from a meteoroid storm, search for fallen meteorites, and identify their type. Explore how machine pieces and parts might be used in a Spy Gadget Alarm Box. Dissect appliances, using tools correctly and safely to investigate how machines work through the process of reverse engineering. Keep an inventor log and express ideas through writing and sketching. Become an entrepreneur and bring an invention to a mock market. Create duct tape money bags to hold your capital. “Launch” a business and pitch your product to an audience of “investors” on the final day to families and friends!

July 10 – 14:  Grades 1-3

July 24 – 28:  Grades 3-6

August 14 – 18:  Grades 1-3

Dream It, Build It: Nature Center!

You are the designer! Design your own sustainable indoor/outdoor learning space that incorporates socioeconomic, engineering, and environmental factors. Work with your team to plan, design, build a large model as well as presentation materials for your nature center. Present the dream nature center model and plans to an audience of families and friends on the final day.  All models and presentations will be incorporated within the Center’s digital archives as input for actual future museum planning as a part of the Center’s unique “For Kids, By Kids” design methodology. 

July 31 – August 4: Grades 1-3

August 21 – 25:  Grades 4-8

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