The vision of the Children’s Science Center is to create a world class children’s science museum that serves all children in our region. The Children’s Science Center will be developed in three phases:

  1. Began as a Museum Without Walls that grew from serving 3,500 visitors in 2010, to 24,000 visitors in 2014.
  1. Opened the Children’s Science Center Lab in June 2015, the first operating site.  Served nearly 50,000 visitors in first year of operation while continuing off-site community outreach programs that reach an additional 20,000 visitors each year.
  1. In planning stages for a full-scale museum on donated land at the Kincora development in Dulles, Virginia.

3 phases of development_graphic


Our ongoing community outreach programs are essential to provide STEM experiences to our region’s under-served communities as well as reaching audiences that are underrepresented in the field. We are committed to ensuring that all children in our region have opportunities to explore, create and be inspired in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning.


Until the opening of the Children’s Science Center Lab, Northern Virginia was the largest metropolitan region in our state – and nation – without a children’s museum designed for and dedicated to children. The Children’s Science Center Lab joins seven other children’s museums located in other areas of Virginia. However, at 5,400 square feet, it is the smallest in size in Virginia. Northern Virginia must have a larger children’s science museum to meet the needs and demand of the region’s 2.5 million people, including a half million children. The Lab was built to serve more children sooner, as well as provide a stepping stone to achieving the ultimate vision of opening a full scale museum.


The world-class, full scale, accessible, children’s museum being planned for Dulles, VA, will allow for a phased facility build-out, beginning with 30,000 square feet, with the ability to add on wings to expand the facility to 70,000+ square feet. Hands-on activities, exhibits and programs focusing on STEM are the mainstay of the center and will build skills that are necessary for academic success. The Children’s Science Center is deeply rooted in our community, and our exhibits are uniquely tailored to the experience of living and working in Northern Virginia and the larger DC metro area.  Now in the planning stages, the exact timeline for opening is dependent on the level of community support.


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